Testimonials from our happy families

"Sarah, aka "our sleep fairy" reached out to me knowing I was struggling with sleeping with my one year old daughter. I literally slept maybe a few hours a night, co-sleeping with my toddler sandwiched against my body and constantly needing to breastfeed to go back to sleep. She was warm,  kind and reassuring when helping my family. She designed a detailed schedule that fit MY family, and within a week my toddler slept better. She is amazing and gears all her sleep assistance to what works best for the family! She constantly provided reassurance/motivation throughout our process and my toddler sleeps alone and through the night! Thank you Sarah! We love you!" - Susan (mother of a 14 month old)


"When we found Sarah, we were at wit's end. Our 2.5 year old was fighting his nap, yet we knew he needed that recharge in the day. It would sometimes take us 3-4 hours to get him to nap for 30 minutes. Meeting Sarah was a breath of fresh air. She is kind, patient, understanding, and most importantly, down to earth. The second day after implementing the plan we discussed with Sarah, our son fell asleep for his nap on his own and napped for over an hour. This victory was HUGE for us. Sarah patiently worked with us through a few plans for our son as his and our needs changed. She was supportive through the whole process, she armed us with tools to protect our son's sleep (and our sanity), and I can recommend her wholeheartedly." - Lauren (mother of a 2.5 year old)


"My second born, who is 18 months, has always been our challenging one with sleep. He is an extremely active little guy. He has always taken a naps by day but were short and inconsistent. After returning home from a week-long vacation and trying to transition back to his schedule, I found the challenges overwhelming with his age and heightened separation anxiety. Both my husband and I were losing a lot of sleep getting up multiple times during the night. We surrendered so many times to him sleeping in our bed. We shared our space with him resulting in a poor night’s sleep for ourselves. It continued to get worse as he depended on me to rock him to sleep or take him to our bed to fall asleep. The habit continued for a while until I realized no one was getting the rest they needed. I reached out to Sarah and she was eager to help. Her patience, kindness, support, and overall professionalism was encouraging. She gave us the necessary tools and motivation to empower us to be confident and consistent with what we were doing. Within the first 24 hours we saw improvement with Archer. After days of being consistent, we had a completely different child. He goes to sleep on his own, does not wake up in the middle of the night anymore, naps almost two hours a day consistently, and wakes up happier in his bed. We were only disappointed we had not started sooner and reached out to Sarah once we saw the changes. We are so thankful for her guidance and help. We would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking advice or need questions answered." - Leah (mother of an 18 month old)


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